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Monday, March 25, 2013

Best Albums of 1997


It's been awhile.

What the hell have I been doing? Not much.

Went to a few parties, saw a bunch of shows (including George Thorogood with my parents), went to a local wrestling match, finally got my car inspected (after not for 16 months), played indoor golf, won my third casino night, and basically hung out and relaxed a lot. Some of these things may have gotten posts last year, but I'm trying to only post big events or things I take a lot of pictures at.

Irwin had emergency surgery to correct herniated discs in his spine, and we (but mostly Josh) have been dealing with that. That meant a giant fund raiser at Grim North tattoo in Portsmouth (which I won a 50 dollar gift certificate too in the raffle) too. It's been sad and interesting watching him try to walk, but he's making progress every day, and it rules how many people care about him.

I finished going through all my VHSes. After selling 400+ to Bull Moose last year, I had about 60 I had recorded various stuff on that I wanted to go through to see if there was anything worth keeping on them. I digitized some found gold (that I'll eventually post), and can now throw them all away, which was actually a goal of this vacation when I started nearly 2 years ago. I also cleaned up my entire iphoto library- organizing and deleting stuff as far back as 2004. I had to also go through the last year of photos, which consisted of endless amounts of garbage I just took off my phone and ignored. I went from about 1700 to about 9500. That's A LOT of deleted pictures. I also completely cleaned up and organized everything else on my computer. SO, I did a lot of boring stuff, but this is stuff that I have been putting off for years and were goals of my time off, so yay me.

I also went through some weird anxiety about some upcoming stuff you'll hear about soon and some stupid winter depression, which I'm happy to say I'm starting to come out of with more sun.

Basically, I hibernated as I often do, and am now extremely excited for summer, even though it will be my last jobless summer. Time to go out with a bang!

Oh, I also have been working surprisingly a lot more than anyone probably expected on the songs for my album I'll be trying to record in April. A lot of it sounds very good and I'm pumped to get them done.

That's about it.

I also decided to FINALLY get back to doing my best albums for every year list. I think the original goal was to get caught up by last December. Oops. Oh well. Maybe THIS December.

Anyway, I'll hopefully update this a bunch when I'm recording in April, but I wouldn't expect much until it warms up and I can start hiking and doing awesome stuff without getting sick.

Until then, I present to you my favorite albums of 1997, with endless babbling straddling the line of personal experience and music journalism. Click the ridiculous picture to go to the page and read on.