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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making a failed hike count

Last week, it was randomly over 60. In the second half of November. Apparently, this wasn't an isolated event, and global warming continues to prove itself to be the greatest thing ever. But at the time, I thought this would be the last day to get outside without instantly getting sick. So I decided to go for a small hike that wouldn't be too far away (since I slept too long) and went with Mount Rowe, next to Gunstock. It's the northernmost of the Belknap range, with what looked like the best view of Winnipesaukee.

Unfortunately, I'd never get to find out what that view looked like.

Since I've started hiking and exploring NH a lot, I'm finding more and more frustration with the internet and lack of consistent information about whatever outdoor place I'm visiting. I would think that if New Hampshire wanted to promote the fact that they had a billion mountains to hike, lakes to swim in, and beautiful sections of nature spread throughout the state, they would have some sort of website explaining how to get to said places. But no such thing exists. So, I turn to google and the 347236478236423 hiking sites that do exist. Different sites say different things, some have great detail and solid directions while others that turn up higher in my search results have nothing but map coordinates and other bullshit I don't care about. It's really oddly difficult to find out how to get to a mountain and walk up it. I don't get it. If I really had a passion, I'd make the site that nobody else has made yet- simple directions, simple directions to trailheads, notes on when to turn and what not, mileage, and some pictures. Some sites have all of this, but unfortunately they only have that stuff for the 4,000 footers and not the smaller mountains. Want to hike a more unknown, less-hiked mountain? Good luck! Guess I'll just bitch forever though, cuz I'm certainly not going to take the time to do it. If I was getting paid on the other hand... (Seriously, someone hire me to do this, thanks)

So obviously I didn't hike the mountain. I followed the directions from one site and was met with a giant barricade saying ROAD CLOSED. I walked in a little ways and discovered that I was on the road to Gunstock Mountain. I could see what I was certain was Rowe, but no trailhead existed anywhere. I got on my phone and went to another site I'd never seen, and it told me the trailhead was on the other side of the mountain entirely. I found another site that said the trailhead was at the base of Gunstock, which, at this point, I wouldn't be able to make it back to my car to get my stuff, then walk the mile or so to Gunstock and then hike the mountain before it was pitch black dark. Stupid internet.

So I hiked up to the top of a huge ski jump instead. On the way into Gunstock, there are 3, one of which held a record for quite some time.

If I couldn't get to the top of a mountain, at least I'd get some elevation and get to the top of this thing.

Halfway up, I was already amazed that that long ago, people were jumping off stuff this huge. 

This was steep. Later, on my way down, I'd find that a road led from Gunstock to this, which would have been much easier. I was hiking up wet leaves and soft ground on an absurd incline. My sat-inside-for-way-too-long-sick-and-not-moving legs instantly hated me, but it felt great to be outside again, pushing towards a goal. Here's my favorite shot of the day, looking up the ski jump. 

gotta love HDR

It was great that this had steps, but I was terrified to be on this thing. I'm not exactly light, and as far as I know, nobody has been on this thing in 30 years. I gripped onto that railing pretty hard, giving myself several splinters. It was pretty sweet at the top though. 

I took a panorama, which, like every panorama I've ever taken, disappointed me. It was working great, and then as soon as I'd cross over a railing, suddenly the camera had no idea what it was doing. Oh well, figured I'd post it anyway.  

(click the picture, it's huge)

I then hiked down the road towards Gunstock, got another shot I liked a lot, and headed out. 

I also got to see the most terrifying bear ever, on a mini golf course next to a pond at the base of Gunstock. I think I'd rather run into a real bear out in the woods if it was between a real bear and a mummy bear. 

demon bear

It was weird being here, walking around a closed mini golf course, seeing people getting ready for the upcoming ski season. I reminisced about my days at Waterville Valley. 

It turned out to be a nice day. It was warm and pretty outside, I got a good workout, got some elevation, got an impressive view of the Belknap range, and, probably the best benefit- I started thinking about skiing and snowboarding again. 

I've been thinking for awhile that I might try to get into snowboarding this winter (I went like 3 times when I worked at Waterville, 9 years ago or something), or at least ski more than I have in the past few years. All my friends are too good for me to ski with them and it's the most expensive hobby ever, so I lost interest. But through being here, then watching The Art of Flight the next day, suddenly it all dawned on me: I don't have a job. I can ski mid-week or go night skiing any time I want. I can go when it's cheap, and I can go by myself, put on headphones and turn normal winter doldrum days into awesomeness. I have a sense of hope for a better winter than the usual crappy ones I barely make it through. 

Suddenly, through hiking on a day that felt like summer, I am now actually excited for winter. That kind of rules. 

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Monday, November 28, 2011


This year I went to my first "Ghetto-giving," which was either the second or third one that has happened with the group of people up here. It's really a pretty simple idea- it's like ghetto thanksgiving. Everyone gets together and eats at a huge table, but you eat only non-Thanksgiving food. I guess the first one was held in a fairly ghetto area (incidentally, right down the road from where I live now), but the idea of it being ghetto Thanksgiving (food-wise) works well too. With the exception of a few dishes (namely SPAGHETTIOS- really?), it wasn't very ghetto though- a solid amount of time was spent making food, and most of it was disgustingly horrible for you and pretty damn tasty. 

I made a gold fever pizza. Yup, a pizza with gold fever wings (from the 99, if you're crazy/thin enough to not know), tons of gold fever wing sauce and cheese, topped off with blue cheese for dipping. It was glorious- WAY better than even I had hoped for. 

Cover a Boboli with a ton of chicken and sauce.

Cover with cheese.

Cook until it looks like this.

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

Other highlights included Rich's cinnabon rolls filled with bacon:

prep stage

Al's honey BBQ and gold fever wing rangoons, pictured next to Jesse's sloppy joe, which I didn't eat:

Here's the hideous looking deliciousness he was putting in those rangoons:

Holly made a lasagna that was at least 8 pounds:

And Josh made the most disgusting mac and cheese I've ever seen/eaten/heard. He said he almost threw up when he was stirring in the 1 and a half boxes of velveeta cheese- the sound of the enormous masses of cheese coagulating onto pasta was so sickeningly gooey and heart stopping that he just couldn't take it. He also put maple bacon in it and covered it in crunchy onion ring thingies. I honestly didn't love the maple flavor in my absurd amounts of cheese, but it at least got points for being different. And the cheese, oh lord. If ever there was an example of "too much." Brutal.

I think Josh's face here nicely illustrates the feeling we all had at Ghettogiving. It was just eating, eating and more eating:

I think the total list reads something like: gold fever wings pizza, gold fever wings rangoons, honey BBQ rangoons, lasagna, mac and cheese, spaghettios, sloppy joes, bologna and cheese sandwiches, 7 layer dip and chips, bbq chicken nachos, some weird french toast casserole, bacon cinnabon rolls, oreo balls covered in chocolate, some weird chocolate/pretzel concoction, ecto cooler, and probably 10 other things I'm not remembering. 

Then we watched UFC. It was a solid night. 

As I get older, I realize more and more the importance of friends and not only creating traditions and yearly parties, but of having get-togethers that serve as our own weird version of normal holidays. My favorite of these, Thanxmas, is coming up next week for its 9th year. I hope Ghettogiving becomes a yearly tradition and something can look forward to. I didn't know some of these people, I only kind of know others, but generally this was solid friends getting together for a night of fun and laughs. It's becoming harder and harder to make nights like these happen, so I'm happy to welcome Ghettogiving into my life. I strongly recommend doing something like this to anyone reading this blog that wasn't at this party. Make something weird- try to show up everyone else. Get together, eat a ton. I guarantee good times.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

MAN day

I randomly got a message from Naro one day, saying "hey, wanna join in on our man day on friday? We're getting BBQ, going to a brewery, and playing with guns after." um.... ok.

It was gorgeous outside, to the point where I pulled over just to take some pics (instagram-crazy).

Boston Harbor, right off Route 4 in Newington

We met at Goody Cole's Smokehouse in Brentwood (apparently) to eat some meat. I rocked the new coldplay on the way there and made sure to let everyone know that that's what I chose to listen to on MAN day. (It takes balls to admit to liking coldplay).

I've never been a huge fan of standard BBQ, but this was some pretty solid stuff- nothing to freak out about, but good. The decor was pretty impressive too.

But nothing says MAN like eating piles of meat and PBR (in a bottle... classy).

There were 3 other dudes there too- people Dan worked with and people Naro worked with. They were nice, but pretty regular guys. I don't think they were prepared for the stuff I would be saying all day. 

On the way out, we were talking about how gross Moxie was, and the guy working there said "wait, have some of you NOT had moxie?" He decided to pop open a bottle so we could all do moxie shots out of dip cups. This was unbelievably stupid, and very funny. Moxie is so horrible. It tastes really cool for a few seconds and then reveals its true essence- that of a bottle of spit with cigarette butts at the bottom. 

Moxie shots. So stupid. So manly. This guy ruled.

We then headed to the Smuttynose brewery for more beer. Naro really likes brewery tours. I don't. They're pretty blah to me- just someone talking about the science behind beer, which is somewhat interesting, but I can never hear anything they say because the idea of a microphone apparently never came up when brewery tours became a thing. This was extra bad too, because there were a billion people there.

apparently free beer attracts crowds

I did get to taste malted barely (kind of neat) and smell pure hops, which smelled absolutely horrid and easily explained why to me, really hoppy beers are disgusting.

There was at least a hot chick there though, and we did get samples after. Sadly, I didn't like any of them. It was still somewhat interesting though. For example, did you have any idea how much beer America drinks? This is a very small brewery, and this was the amount of beer they shipped every week. Amazing.

This was about 70% of the line that was shipped each week. I couldn't get a picture of all of it.

Then we headed to the Kittery Trading Post to look at guns, try on stupid hats, fantasize about owning sweet jackets that cost 300 bucks, and in my case, buy fudge. They make EXCELLENT fudge there. I recommend the Moose Tracks. 

I apparently had this one on wrong, but I think it looks better this way:

I then hit up a liquor store (why not) and headed home blasting metal. I met Rich and we tried to go to an art gallery thing for Josh (both to support and also completely contradict the normal MAN stuff), but the stupid thing apparently didn't start until the next day. SO, we got Wendy's, watched wrestling, then played Call of Duty for a few hours. 

MAN day could have been better, but I'd say it was a pretty solid success: BBQ, beer, guns, hats made from dead animals, fudge, liquor, metal, wendy's, wrestling, video games. It was great to have a full day of solid stuff and hanging out with different people, especially after being sick and not wanting to do anything for so long. 

NOTE: I would like to point out that I do understand that when you have no job, no girlfriend, and live with 2 dudes who like fighting, swearing, metal, and disgusting food, pretty every day is a "man day."

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

I spent the first 3 weeks of November sick. Coughing, phlegm, sinuses, you know the drill. No energy, no desire to really do anything. What a perfect time to get back into video games.

Somehow in the last 5 years or so, I completely stopped playing video games. I've never been someone who plays a lot, and I've never really been good either. Playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live meant me getting killed a billion times followed by every racial slur or bad word the 10 year old kid who just killed me could think of. That combined with living with Hilton and listening to him yell at the TV every night made me flee from video games. I regret that. It was time to come back. And what better time than when all my friends who play video games would all be buying the same game?

As someone who worked 5 black fridays in a row and was a part of every apple product launch for the last 5 years, the idea of waiting in line to get something first became something I never wanted anything to do with. I've never cared about that, but seeing people sit in a line for 8 hours to get an iphone they could have ordered online or bought the next day with no line made me just flat out despise the idea of getting something right when it launches. But unfortunately, the guys I play with are Call of Duty-crazy, and there was no way in hell they weren't going to play Modern Warfare 3 the night it came out.

So, I went to my first and hopefully last video game launch.

We went early to put money down to get a receipt, so, when they re-opened at midnight, we could just be handed the game. This made sense. There was already a line at around 4. Scary.

I went home and set up my newly purchased Xbox Live membership. The name they gave me was almost ridiculous/stupid enough to keep, but I didn't. 


We went out at about 10, and ate Wendy's right when they closed. We ate standing outside with our food on the hood of Rich's car. This was probably the most ghetto eating I'd ever done. It was hilarious. Ray drove an hour there just so he had someone to wait in line with. He's extra Call of Duty-crazy. 

When we got to Gamestop, there were 2 hideous Scions parked in front with big screen TVs in their trunks so the lunatics could get more pumped for the game by playing the last game put out. While this was semi awesome, I couldn't get over how hideous and shamefully pimped out these disgusting cars were. 

There was no line. At all. It was just clumps of people standing in random places. As it got closer to 12, it looked like a line was actually forming on the opposite side of the Gamestop from where we were standing. So, we walked past 200 feet of trash that the classy people waiting in line had left. It was pretty sickening actually. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that people who sat in front of a video game store for 7 hours didn't put forth the effort to keep the place clean, but still. Way to be giant pieces of crap, guys. 

I have to put a lot of the blame on Gamestop though. This is what the "line" looked like after a half hour or so:

And this is what it looked like when I tried to get in. 

As customers, say what you want about Apple stores. As employees of Apple stores, say what you want about management of said apple stores. But Apple is incredible when it comes to launching a product. Lines are organized from the first person until the moment the store opens. Employees are at the door to guard and greet, employees walk the line all day to make sure nobody is being a piece of crap, and lately, people waiting are even given water and snacks. Trash is taken care of. When the store opens, people are brought in in an orderly fashion, with everything explained to them. It's impressive, and shows that just putting forth some effort can make a big difference.

This, for lack of any other word to describe it, was a clusterfuck. Out of nowhere, they said that people would be brought in by the number on the raffle ticket they were given when they reserved the game. Boy, if I had known this when I reserved the game, I wouldn't have had to wait for an hour and a half. Nobody would have. There was no attempt by any employee to establish any kind of order or line, there were no extra trash barrels. There was no security. I don't think there were more than 3 employees there. It was quite a stupid experience. Add to that, the fact that without order, people will just stand in clumps in front of the door just as much as people will run through the doors after getting the game, holding it in the air and screaming like a moron. This creates even more of a clump, and even more chaos. Good times. 

But we finally got in, and all I could think of was the piles of ipads and iphones we had to attend to at apple on nights just like these. 

The crowd was gathering in front of the door as I left, and I did one of my favorite things to do in a crowd: be a giant asshole. I pushed my shoulders out, put on my best "I hate all of you" face on and walked through everyone, making sure to bump into everyone I could. Their fault. I felt half as badass as when Ray yelled at the obnoxious lady passing out peanuts in the crowd. But that's another story. 

I was home, and I had my first video game in 5 years. 

Stanley wasn't cool with it though.

We played some multiplayer, and I was shocked that it worked as smoothly as it did. Well done, Xbox live. 

So, it's been 3 weeks or so since this was launched, and not surprisingly, I have a love/hate relationship with the game. Jumping into a game like this after not playing anything for 5 years is pretty insane. The multiplayer is fun, but just as frustrating as I thought it would be. I miss the days of Halo, where things were much more simple, maps had specific games that worked perfectly in them, everyone had the same games, I could drive vehicles, and I didn't die from 1 bullet. I feel like you die WAY too easily in this game- most of my time is spent this way: run around looking for bad guys, get shot in the back, die. Respawn, run around looking for bad guys, get shot in the back, die. Respawn, run around looking for bad guys, see one, shoot him 4 times, watch him turn around and shoot me once, die, repeat. It seems to favor finding a hiding spot and camping rather than playing hectic with everyone around you. And sadly, even though I've already had this argument a few times, I feel very strongly that the game is designed to have the people who are good at it get better, faster. The better you are, the faster you level up, the more guns you get, the better options on the guns you get, the better perks, etc. The better you are and the more you have, you get more kills and call in planes to drop bombs on the sucky players, and get more kills. The more kills you get, the more games you win, the more you want to play, and you get better. The cycle continues.

For those of us who suck, it's really hard to get any kills when the guys with better guns, more options, more perks and more skill are dropping bombs on us every minute. It becomes increasingly less fun to play, and I don't get as many benefits. I can't seem to go anywhere. The good get better, and I stay just as sucky. I am the 99%.

But maybe it's just me. I fully believe there is such a thing as a "video game brain," and scientists need to start performing experiments to finally prove this. Many of the people I play with will play a map twice and know where everything is. I still don't know what I'm doing or where I'm running 75% of the time, and I've played multiplayer for like 12 hours already. My brain just doesn't get it.

But it's been fun at the same time. Just being able to sit in my room and play games with 10 friends from different states is fun. It's a nice fake hang out.

But the campaign? Amazing. I've already beat it (on normal of course), and it was 7 hours and 40 minutes of joy and amazement. I've never seen a video game that looked half as good as this. I can shoot and affect nearly everything in the game. If I hit a random bottle, it moves. If I shoot a computer screen, it explodes. SPOILER ALERT: I'm fighting through blown up buildings, in the middle of insane chaotic crossfire, bombing entire buildings, gunning down hundreds of people, shooting entire rooms of people in slow motion before one of the bad guys can get one shot off, shooting inception-style while upside down in a cut-in-half plane, falling to the ground. SPOILER ALERT OVER.

It's super violent, bloody, chaotic as hell, and detailed beyond belief. It's incredible and totally worth 60 bucks. If this was real life, I'd be dead in 10 seconds. While the other soldiers were doing their job, I'd be standing there with my mouth opening and watering, muttering gibberish and amazed at the world around me.

SPOILER ALERT PICTURE: (just the first level)

How ironic that the first level takes place on Wall Street, which is half destroyed. 

And how awesome it is to play a game this nice on a 46 inch HD TV 4 feet away from me. 

It's been awesome to find out how many people play this too. I had no idea some of the people ever played video games at all. Apparently my brother has played a lot of video games over the last however many years. I had no idea. It was also amazing to hear that the launch of this game was the biggest launch of any product, ever. It beat the records of, well, everything. 400 million dollars were made in 24 hours. INSANE.

To people who read this blog who don't like video games and may argue that someone who promoted "a life more awesome" as something involving physical activity, creativity, being outside, and doing epic and awesome stuff shouldn't be excited about playing video games for 24 hours (Dustin), I simply say this: 6 months ago, I would be working and unhappy. And while everyone I know is working, I'm blowing up shit on a huge TV in the comfort of my home. How is that anything but awesome? 

All Call of Duty and Halo titles of the last 5 years, here I come. 

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dover Pizza Fest

A few weeks ago, I went to something I was very excited about and completely lived up to my expectations: something called PIZZA FEST. My other blog will probably have a post on this too, but I figured I should throw it on here for anyone reading this. 

What is a pizza fest? It's exactly what you'd think: 10 or so of the local pizza places rent tables, you pay 10 bucks to get in, and you can sample as much pizza as you want. It was incredible. It was at the children's museum, so the decorations and what we were walking through was certainly interesting. What really surprised me was how packed the place was. Who knew so many people were pigs?

Rich killing a slice

yes, we wore stickers to try and promote the blog

The highlight of my plate here was a chacon pizza, which was bbq chicken and bacon on a pizza, stacked so thick it was like a solid glob of goodness. The sauce was a little weird, but still, damn good. It was interesting to see how some places really stepped it up and made really complicated, thick pizzas with weird combinations, and others just had very basic stuff or very blah versions of their pizza. La Festa, which received an incredible and semi-graphic post on fatguyfoodblog wimped out hard- their pizza was super thin with no topping. I don't understand why any pizza place would wimp out like that- this was their showcase to have hundreds of people try their pizza for the first time. Why not go crazy? 

Highlights included the chacon, another really busy bbq chicken with onions and bacon, a general Tso pizza (not good, but interesting), a weird blueberry dessert one, and 2 other dessert ones that were fantastic (and I wish I remembered where they came from)- apple pie and some sort of weird concoction that was like magic cookie bars on pizza. I think just the fact that it was sliced like a pizza and called a pizza made it technically a pizza, but at the same time, it was really just dessert on dough. And it ruled.

There were also a ton of auctions with a lot of surprisingly decent deals, but most people didn't care about that. We were there for the pizza. 

The highlight of the night was this:

This is called the "wicked dirty hippy" pizza, from Smiley's. I know of Smiley's as a very ghetto beer store that has a ton of beer selection (and make your own 6 pack set up) that "also has food." My opinion has changed, as this pizza is not only an evil concoction of garbage, but was actually delicious. Looking at this picture now, I'm shocked I haven't gotten a full one yet. It consisted of: chicken tenders, cheese sauce, french fries, bacon, ranch, and extra cheese. It was glorious in every way.  

We also got to vote for our favorites, and I'm pretty sure this won something. 

If you hear of anything like this, and you like pizza (if you don't, I don't like you), GO. I want to go to more, so if anyone reading this knows about any other events like this happening where they live, let me know. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

"That sounds great"

After Halloween we all woke up ugly and exhausted. Keith stayed over and hung out all day. We made some music, wandered around town, hung out at a coffee shop while some weird old lady spied on us, ate some D'Andreas, and saw the coolest house ever, with lights decorated to synch perfectly with a halloween radio station. Then we called it a night.

I woke up the next day feeling ok, and sat around Dustin's house all day playing guitar and piano, then woke up the next day feeling awful. More D'Andreas, then a 5 hour drive home to me being sick for 2 weeks or so, explaining the brief death of the blog. The true onset of fall will often get me.

Oh, and I hit a big milestone for my car on the way back:

I made this post solely for this video though, which features Dustin discovering that the keyboard in his house was capable of some amazing things. I may be the only one who finds this funny- I have always found horrible music to be pretty hilarious (case in point: Dongus Bologna). But the first part of the video is something special that just needs to be on the internet- when I got my guitar late in the night and we did a completely spontaneous and amazing cover of "Mr. Jones." Counting Crows would be proud of what Dustin added to it. Awesome music always happens when Dustin and I get together.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween in Saratoga Springs

Halloween has always been a fun holiday, from being kids and getting free candy to being adults and acting like complete idiots. In recent years, I went to a friend's house for a smaller party or didn't really do anything at all. I've always felt that as adults, if we're going to put on stupid costumes and look like idiots, we might as well look like idiots in public, so after Shaun and Natalie went to Saratoga last year and danced all night at a local bar, I decided I wanted to be a part of it this year. Kevin and Gina came up, Shaun did again, and we raged pretty hard. I wore the same exact costume I wore to a party 2 weeks earlier, which is the same thing I wore 2 years ago. It's some sort of pimp/wrestler/child molester, and it's really just a combination of the stupidest clothes I own. It's an excuse to wear my hideous and insanely heavy pimp jacked and my amazing sweatpants I first wore at a Halloween party years ago when I was an old lady:

The pants have since become legendary- friends have won contests by submitting a picture of me in the pants, I owned a rave in Canada wearing them, they are the source for my twitter and vimeo picture, and people I don't even know know have realized who I was based on pictures of me in those pants. 

So I don't really know what I was, but who really cares? I got to look and act like an idiot. That's all that matters. I drove the solid 4 and a half- 5 hours to Dustin's house while snow started falling. We hung out, got dressed, some local friends came over and we all headed out. After plans changed 20 times, we ended up at The Local, where they had gone last year. It was a small, very crowded bar, and had live music and a costume contest. We, as we always do, instantly owned the place- all eyes were on us, pictures being taken, fingers being pointed etc. I like dancing like a moron to music at bars, and this band was perfect. They had a violinist and oddly had some ballad-esque songs, but they got the job done and we had a blast. I think I'll let the pictures tell the story. 

I like how Shaun is holding his phone up.

I still don't know what he was, but man did he make some great pictures.

Dustin with his collection of teeth

Dance fiesta

Dustin, hideous as ever, as the tooth fairy. Kevin as Chester, a "child photographer." I danced pretty hard with the lady behind them. 

Possibly my favorite picture of Shaun


Chester just wants to take pictures of your children.

Sheray decided to dance outside.

I joined her. Quite the party out there.

This is when Gina thought she was part of the band.

This is when Kevin stole the mic during the costume contest and just started rambling. He somehow/understandably won "scariest costume." 

I have no idea who the guy on the right is, but he was intense.

This is when Gina got in my pants. They're very large pants.

VERY large pants, which only got more stretchy as the night went on. No, I didn't pee myself, I just did like 10 splits at the bar and kept slipping on spilled beer, making the splits even bigger, and me, even filthier.

Afterwards, we raged on at Dustin's house, probably singing along to Spacehog right here

Gina changed her costume slightly

We look good.

Then things got really weird.

As I had hoped, I had a blast. I think this picture is one of my favorites of me ever. I fell on my face mid split. Seeing that ridiculous jacket crammed into those even more ridiculous pants just makes me happy. We know how to party. What a fun night. 

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